Welcome to The Programming Turkey!

Welcome to my Website!

This is my test site to help me learn HTML! This website also contains games I have made as well as other stuff I have thrown on here! Enjoy!

- Ryan

Ludum Dare 37!

That's a wrap!

Well another Ludum Dare has come and passed. Check out the links below for the game, main Ludum Dare page, my postmortem blog post, and stats about past Ludum Dare game placements

Game | Ludum Dare | Blog Postmortem | Stats

- Ryan

Programming Languages

Currently I know Java fluently and is my main go to language, but I am also learning HTML, Java Script, php, Pyhton and what ever else I feel like trying out! You can expect this web site to continue to improve though my development of HTML, php, and Java Script!

Live Stream

Im Currently Offline!